Rubrics for Funerals

Artwork: Lazzaro Bastiani, “Funeral of St Jerome."


Rubrics are the “how” of rites and Masses.

There are extensive rubrics for funerals, given the number of rites involved. It would be impossible to detail all rubrics in a useful way.

The best place to find rubrics in this case is, of course, the Rituale Romanum. Philip Weller’s translation of the Rituale provides additional commentary on the rubrics. Below are links to the two missals mentioned, two classic companion guides, and a link to a more extensive list of published resources on rubrics.

Many finer points of rubrics are discussed on Catholic websites such as Fr. Z’s blog, Musica Sacra’s forums, and New Liturgical Movement.

Rituale Romanum

Catholic Church. Rituale Romanum Pauli V Pontificis Maximi Jussu Editum Et a Benedicto Xiv Auctum Et Castigatum. Cui Novissima Accedit Benedictiorum Et Instructionum Appendix. 1903.

Weller, Philip T. Roman Ritual. The Bruce Publishing Company, 1964.

Classic works on rubrics

Fortescue, A. The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described. Oates, 1948.

The Parish Priest on Duty : A Practical Manual for Pastors, Curates, and Theological Students Preparing for the Mission: New York : Benziger Brothers, 1904.

Further reading on rubrics

“Rubrical References.” Romanitas Press,