Latin Mass Funeral

Welcome! This website provides the essential texts for traditional Catholic funerals.

For adults, those rites can include:

  1. The Office of the Dead
  2. The Requiem Mass
  3. The Rite of Burial

For infants and children, those rites can include:

  1. The Rite of Burial for Children
  2. The Votive Mass of the Holy Angels

There are many resources on traditional Catholic funerals, partly because - as the list above shows - there are so many ceremonies involved.

Deep concern for the care of departed souls has resulted in an enormous amount of supplementary material on funerals, such as multiple masses for the anniversaries of the deceased, prayers on the day of death, special propers for the death of clergy, and prayers for the deceased’s family.

The resources are organized by age group. Everything for funerals for adults is in one place, and everything for funerals for children is in another.

Everything else - rubrics, prayers, Last Rites, catechesis, widowhood, and more - is under Planning.

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